Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friday, February 5, 2010

Wow, what a day of driving I was on the road from 9:00am until after 2:00pm. I made 8 stops along the way, getting my Friday “Diligencias” (Errands) done. I set a record for speed at the “Aduana” (Customs) office. Eventhough there were 6 packages to pick up and 25 letters to buy stamp for and mail, I was in and out in only 45 minutes. It really was a record fast time for me. For the rest of the “Diliegencias” Traffic wasn’t especially bad and it still took me 5 hours to do it all.

While I was out of the office Hna. Johnson and Elder Small were trying to tie down the loose ends of this month’s rent checks, get them printed so I can pick them up at the bank, etc. Even with all of their hard work for the past month, there are still 3 Dueños (Landlords) that can’t be paid. We’re not very sure what to do about it either; the new “Internet Mission Office System” called IMOS is going to create some very angry Duaños.

About noon I received a phone call from Elder Jimenez in Duvergé. He informed the members of the branch who have qualified for temple recommends want to make their trip to the temple and take out their endowments next week. They also want to do baptisms for the dead while they are there. His initial phone call was followed by a flurry of phone calls to the temple, to the temple President, to the temple scheduler, the Casa de Huespedes, and the mission president. The final details weren’t hammered out until the final phone call at 9:30pm.

Plans are in the works for them to charter a bus and make the 5 hour drive on Wednesday morning starting at 4:00am. Their session will begin at 10:30 followed by the sealing of Hno. Tuco & Hna. Yazmin & their 4 sons. They will have a break of 4 hours and then be back in the temple at 5:30 to do baptisms for the dead with the rest of the branch that has current recommends. They plan to be back on their bus by 8:00pm and back at home by 1:00am.

Wow… what a long day they have planned. But they are very excited and can’t wait. It has been a long struggle for them all to become temple worthy and now their prayers, hard work and dedication have paid off. They will finally realize their goal of going through the temple for the first time. Duvergé has been open to missionary work for at least 15 years. This group will be the very first of any of the Duvergé converts to step foot in the House of the Lord. The members are very, very excited!

Hna. Mecho, the sister in a wheel chair, has her temple recommend too but she will have to wait a little longer before she can take out her endowments. She has to wait until special garments, temple cloths and ordinance robes are custom made for her. Hna. Johnson has ordered them for her from SLC and hopefully they will arrive in a few weeks. But Hna. Mecho isn’t going to miss out on this trip. She will be among the members that will be doing baptisms for the dead on this trip.

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