Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Today I had a lot of errands to do to get ready for the Temple session tomorrow with the members from the Neyba Branch. One stop was at the “Centro de Servicio”. Fourteen of the members from DuvergĂ© are going to do baptisms for the dead. Several of them are very new converts and their “Limited use Recommend” has to have their membership number on it. I had to go to Centro de Servicio and talk to Quimerio Fernandez so he could go into the host computer and get them for me. New converts have to wait a year to go through the temple for their endowments but they can do baptisms for the dead immediately. They are all very excited and anxious to come to the temple.

Next I was off to the “Casa de Huespedes” (Accommodation Center) at the temple and arrange for the overnight rooms for all 20 of the members that are coming. Then I had about a half dozen other stops along the way for the mission office, the bank, etc. Back at the office I confirmed our Temple session time with the Temple secretary as well as the branch’s baptistery appointment with Pres. Harris, the Temple President. Everything is coming together very well. Tomorrow will be a very good day in the Temple for the members of the DuvergĂ© Branch.

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