Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010

Today was much calmer for us in and out of the office. We started off by going shopping at Price Smart. We went early and it paid off. There were only a dozen cars in the whole parking lot. Usually we can’t even find a space. Then we were the first through the doors when they opened. Basically we had the place to ourselves until we checked out. Most of the shopping we did wasn’t for ourselves. We had long list of things to buy for lots of elders all over “El Campo”. We will be delivering everything tomorrow on our way to Azua and Duverge.

In the mission office it was much calmer too. As usual I was off to the Aduana, Central Services and the bank. Elder Almonte was wheeling and dealing with future duaño, carrying on multiple phone calls at the same time and preparing contracts and doing the work of three people. As a result Elder Small and I were off to northwest part of the city to get a signature from a new “Duaña” (Landlord) we will be renting from in couple of weeks. Hna. Johnson did routine bookwork, she did reimbursements, etc., nothing to make the day special. But then….

We got word that the Area Presidency has put a hold on the refugee center in Jimani! Those checks that were so urgent yesterday that were needed to rent land, shelter & materials and that cause of so much work for Hna. Johnson and Elder Small are now locked in the office safe until further notice. Wow… We don’t know why the project has been suspended but the reason must be something pretty big or insurmountable. We may or may not be told the reason. But it doesn’t matter; we are here on the Lord’s errand. Everything we do is to further His work, to assist his divinely called representatives and to serve where, when and anyway we can. And by the way, we really love doing it and we love our mission.

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