Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I was on the road almost all day today, all over the capital. In the morning I picked up the pickup at Delta Commercial (it took me an hour), I paid 8 of our phone bills at Codetel, I waited in line for an hour at “Orange” our cell phone provider just to pick up 5 new phones we ordered last week and I worked on solving the DSL problem in Azua. I was on the road for almost 4 hours.

In the afternoon I spent more time on the road but got less done because of the traffic. I was very happy because I found a couple new office supply stores and I was able to find FAX imaging film for our two FAX machines. One FAX machine in the mission office and the other is in the mission home. Finding a store that carried them was a great discovery. I’ve been looking high and low for two months. The computer expert, Carlos Rubio, at Centro de Servicio told me to quit looking and just buy a new FAX machine! That’s easy for him to say, the purchase doesn’t come out of Centro de Servicio’s budget, it comes out of our mission office budget. His statement only strengthened my resolve to find them.

Normally Hna. Johnson and I leave the office at 6:00pm each evening but tonight Hna. Johnson had a bad headache and went home early. I didn’t even finish my errands until 6:30 so I was late getting home. After a migraine pill Hna. Johnson was feeling better this evening. This morning she put a roast in the crock pot and we had a wonderful dinner. Hna. Johnson can really cook, even with a bad headache.

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