Friday, February 19, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

This morning was another very busy one for Hna. Johnson and I. Since tomorrow is “Translados” there is a lot to do to prepare. We made 5 stops on our way into the capital from Azua. We delivered more supplies to the missionaries, we delivered luggage and picked up more luggage, we delivered mail and picked up more mail.

The South AP’s did the same on their way to the capital from “El Campo” except they left at 5:30 this morning. They had to be on time to get Elder Ikahihifo and the other 4 missionaries that are going home on Wednesday to the “Curso de Autosuficiente” which means “course on self-sufficiency”. It’s a class that teaches departing missionaries how to make a personal résumé, get a job, get an education, fill out a college application, apply for a loan from the “Perpetual Education Fund,” etc.

You wouldn’t think a self-sufficiency course would be necessary for highly motivated, hard working returned missionaries. However I was very surprised to find out that only 40% of our missionaries are North Americans. Over 50% are native Dominicans and most of them were raised in conditions that most Americans would consider extreme poverty and many have little or no education. They will return home to the village they (and their parents before them) grew up in with little or no prospect for improving their economic condition. That is why this course is so important. The Lord really takes care of his missionaries.

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