Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

We were on our way early to Neyba this morning because we had three stops along the way. We stopped in Azua Este, Vicente Noble, and Tamayo to drop off mail and supplies at three Elder’s apartments. It was really early so we caught some of them still in their pajamas! But they are always happy to see us and get their mail. Even more so now that Hna. Johnson has started giving treats to all the Elders we visit along the way.

At the beginning of Fast & Testimony meeting in Neyba we had the confirmation of Raul Medina (19). He was baptized yesterday. The Saturday before they had a baptismal service for another young man named Jose Mendez (17). Today I had the privilege of interviewing both young men for the Aaronic Priesthood. Next week they will both be ordained Priest. They are both very sharp young men and they already know the gospel very well. Elder Carrasco and Elder Bird have taught them well. When I asked them questions about worthiness and obedience to the basic commandments of the gospel they knew all of them. When I asked them what it meant to be a full tithe payer, or to obey the law of the fast, the law of chastity or the word of wisdom they were eager to explain to me what they were and their willingness to obey them. These young men will be great assets to the Neyba Branch.

This afternoon Hna. Luz (counselor in the R.S.), Hna. Johnson and I went to the home of Reyna Diaz (Primary President) and her husband Victoriano Diaz. Hno. Diaz has been bedridden for months and needs medical care badly. We filled out a “Needs Analysis” form for the family so Fast Offering Funds can help them pay the fare to go to the capital for much needed medical care, exams and test.

Before we left Hno Diaz asked us for a priesthood blessing. Eliu Lebron (the Branch Clerk) anointed and I gave him a blessing. These wonderful members are so strong and faithful, it is very easy to give a priesthood blessing when the influence of the Holy Ghost is so near and the faith of the members is so strong.

It was a privilege for me to give Hno. Diaz a blessing but even more so for Eliu. Three weeks ago he wouldn’t have been able to participate but now he is a worthy member in full fellowship and eager and willing to exercise his priesthood any time he is asked. It is wonderful what the power of the Saviors atonement can do in a young man’s life to set his feet of righteous paths.

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