Saturday, February 6, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

On our way back from Azua we had to take a side trip to rendezvous with the “South” AP’s (also known as the AP’s for “El Campo”) near the town of Ocoa. Hna. Johnson and I have never driven this road before and we enjoyed it a lot. We got to see new sights and places along the way. Elder Morillo told us that Ocoa is the prettiest town in the mission. That’s hard to believe because we’ve seen some very pretty places. Unfortunately we didn’t get to drive all the way into town; our rendezvous with them was about 5 kilometers outside of town. But we really enjoyed the side trip especially after seeing the same road between Azua & Bani week after week and month after month. A change of scenery is as good as a vacation.

We were back in the mission office by 11:00am and hard at it as usual. I spent my time preparing documents for the next “Translado” (transfer) in only two weeks. There are a ton of things I need to prepare in advance before Translados. However getting computer time is sometime hard. Mondays are tough in the office because all of the Elders, including the AP’s all need to use the computers to send their weekly letters and reports to the mission president. And, since it is P-day they also need to be on their G-mail accounts to write letters home. I was really lucky to get so much work done today. I wasn’t bumped off of my computer very much.

Hna. Johnson was right back at the mission financial books as soon as she walked in the door of the office. She always has a ton of things to do on Monday when we get back from “El Campo.” (Also known as “The South”.) Hna. Johnson never has a problem with access to her computer. Everyone knows when Hna. Johnson is in the office, NO ONE touches her computer!

This afternoon I took one of the office vehicles in to Delta Commercial for its regular service of lube, oil & filter. I didn’t wait for it, it wasn’t going to get done until late in the day. So instead of walking the mile back to the office I took a taxi (only about $2.00USD). It was an interesting experience for me. Since I’ve been the DR I’ve never taken a taxi and wouldn’t have this time if I hadn’t been in a hurry to get back to work. And besides, when I’m driving around, Taxi’s and Motors (Motorcycles) are the enemy! I get cut off, run down and run over by them every day. They are unpredictable, rude and obnoxious. They run red lights, drive on the sidewalks and drive on the wrong side of the road! But this fellow I rode with was a nice guy and he got me back to the office safe and sound.

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