Friday, February 19, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hna. Johnson and I survived our fifth “Translado”, but barely! Lots of small things seemed to conspire against a neat and orderly “Translado.” Vehicles were late, Elders were late, luggage was late, etc. And this Translado had a new twist we haven’t had to deal with in the past. It really sent Hna. Johnson head spinning. We received an Elder from the CCM (Spanish for MTC) that wasn’t supposed to arrive until next Translado. Sure, we often get Elders and Sisters sent to us early from the CCM because they are “Language advanced” but at least we know they are coming. But this Elder wasn’t even supposed to start his mission until March 30th! The CCM couldn’t explain why he was there two months early. When we called SLC they were mystified to say the least. Dumbstruck might be a better term. No one can explain why or how this Elder got into the CCM two weeks early.

But the “Translado” did finally get done, but not until this evening after 10:00pm when the last truck returned to the office. And the Elder that is here 6 weeks early is a really enthusiastic missionary. He is from Costa Rica. He managed to arrive in the Dominican Republic without an entry Visa! Go figure! But he is here now and will be a great missionary. He has been assigned to work in Neyba. Hna. Johnson and I will get to work with him every weekend we are in Neyba.

And speaking of the Missionaries in Neyba, this Translado had another surprise for us. Elder Bates has been transferred to Neyba. Yes, our old friend from the office that literally was my trainer in the workings of the office when Hna. Johnson and I arrived back in July. Elder Bates will be training one of the new Elders. We are thrilled and delighted to get to work with Elder Bates again.

This evening Hna. Johnson and I webcam’d our daughter-in-law Tere and our grandsons. Tere and Jared are babysitting Alex while his parents, Dan & Mindy, take Delaney to Gamage to see the Broadway musical “Mary Poppins”. It was Delaney’s birthday on Sunday and this is her birthday present. She loves “Mary Poppins”.

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