Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Here we go again! Another Saturday full of loading, unloading, travel and more unloading. Our pickup truck was loaded to the brim again. We stopped at every Zone Leaders apartment between the capital and Azua office. One difference today was the treat Hna. Johnson brought for all of the Elders. We didn’t get to Price Smart this week so they didn’t get candy bars. This week they all got doughnuts from Jumbo Supermarket. Yes… All missionaries live doughnuts! Hna. Johnson loves spoiling missionaries.

Another first for us on this weekend’s trip, we had a passenger with us. Elder Falor was brought into the office last transfer but has been reassigned to Neyba because of the emergency transfers yesterday. And since we were going to Neyba this Sunday he was able to catch a ride and save the cost of bus fair and the hassle of transporting all that luggage on a bus. It is a huge benefit for him and for us too. We had company to talk to all the way out to the South. It was great to have Elder Falor with us.

Our trip to the “South” didn’t go completely smoothly. It took us three tries to leave the capital before we actually made it past “La Pintura”, the last major intersection before entering the “Carretera” (highway) to the South. The last time we were actually finally driving out of La Pintura when we got a phone call from Elder Small. In our rush to get loaded and leave it seems he had forgotten to load 18 cases of Book or Mormons in the truck. We were already loaded to the gills but we went back to the office and found space for them all. The tailgate of the pickup had so much weight on it I swear the front wheels of the truck were baring touching the ground.

In Azua we met up with the “South” AP’s at the office. After unloading everything we invited them to eat dinner with us at La Esquiñita. They have “The Best Hamburgers in the World” without a doubt! Again it was good food, good company and a good time was had by all. The senior AP in the South is Elder Morrillo. He is a dedicated and hardworking missionary. He goes home next transfer but like all “soon to be released” Elders, he doesn’t want to talk about home. He just wants to keep working and do a good job up to the last day of his mission.

Back at the Azua Office we hooked up the laptop and for the second week in a row we had internet service. And we were pleasantly surprised to discover the Grandma & Grandpa Burk a webcam now. Jacob hooked it up for them yesterday. So we webcam’d them and a delightful time watching and talking to them. We love the webcam.

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