Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I thought the plans for the Duvergé Branch were settled last night but today the plan has been changed three times! Phone calls continue to fly between the Elders in Duvergé and the president of the mission. He has the last say on the itinerary because he is paying for the chartered bus. But it does look like it will take place and the member’s lives will be blessed as they continue to live worthy to hold a temple recommend.

Ever since last November when temple attendance was emphasized in our lessons and sacrament meeting talks the members have really stepped up and gained the vision of the temple. By the end of December the temple prep classes were over and almost every active member in the branch attended all of the classes. At tithing settlement we had more full tithe payers than the branch has ever had. As a whole the branch has increased in spirituality. They come to Sacrament meeting on time now and the priesthood holders are in white shirts and ties. More than ever they are helping the missionaries find investigators and they attending their discussions with them. It’s been a remarkable transformation in the branch. The Lord has already blessed the member’s lives and they will continue to reap His blessings as they continue to be faithful recommend holders.

This afternoon we were off to “The South” (also known as “El Campo”) as usual. But this time there is a change. Hna. Johnson and I are in the mission van instead of the office pickup we usually drive. I really like it. The van has an automatic transmission, it is so much quieter, and the seats are really comfortable. I like driving it a lot but this will probably be one of the few times I get to take it to “The South”. Normally it sits in a parking space beside the mission president’s home, undriven for weeks at a time. It gets used most at “Translodos” when it is used to haul new missionaries to their new areas. It is also used to haul departing missionaries to the airport.

The reason we are using the mission van is our special assignment next Monday. Instead of driving straight back to the capital on Monday morning from Azua, we will drive all the way back to Jimaní on the border with Haiti and pick up President Andersen of the Area Presidency as well as two other passengers. They will ride all the way back to the capital with us. Five people in the van will be much more comfortable than in the smaller pickup.

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