Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hna. Johnson and I left Azua early and we were back at work in the office by 9:30 this morning. There are always a million things to do on Monday. It’s one of our busiest days of the week. And then throw into the mix all of the problems that developed over the weekend like lost credit cards, apoyo (support money) requests, errands for the President, errands for the AP’s, etc. and it makes for a long day. Hna Johnson and I put in 11 hours today and we still didn’t get everything done.

And speaking of “Apoyo” or missionary support money, the end of the month is close and there are a lot of Elders that are running out of money. All weekend and today I’ve received dozens of phone calls from missionaries asking if their reimbursement was approved and the money replaced into their “Apoyo” mission account. Some of the missionaries don’t know how to budget their money and they’ve been out of cash for days and there is still a week left before the end of the month. The end of the month is always a desperate time for some of the Elders.

One of the errands I had to run this morning was to take Elder Small to the “Casa del Conductor” or the Driver’s House. That is where a person has to go to pay the fine when issued a ticket. Last Friday Elder Small was in a very minor fender bender but the fine was still going to be over a RD$1000.00 or about USD$30.00. Elder Small left with a huge smile on his face. When it was his turn to see the clerk and pay his fine, she looked at his documents, handing him his driver’s license back and said “you can leave!” He said he didn’t know why she let him leave without paying the fine. He was very happy about that.

Later in the afternoon the lady that Elder Small hit on Friday came to the Mission Office with the quote for the repairs to her car. It was RD$9640.00 or about US$270.00. President Almonte decided to pay her cash on the spot rather than pay for the repairs, so Elder Small handed her an envelope full of “Efectivo” (Cash) from the “Caja Chica” (petty cash). Elder Small is very glad to have this episode behind him now.

This evening is FHE for the senior couples at the “Casa de Huespedes”. Hna. Johnson and I really like to go but it was too late when we got out of the office again. It seems that all we do all weekend is hurry, hurry, hurry. Tonight we didn’t go anywhere, we needed the break, although at our apartment there were mounds of dirty laundry to do, dinner to prepare and the apartment to clean; so much for getting a break.

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