Saturday, February 6, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Today was one of those slow days in the office that rarely happen. Hna. Johnson still wasn’t feeling good so she didn’t return to the office after lunch. I got caught up on my “To Do” list, it’s two pages long and always growing. I went to Price Smart with Elder Huey in the afternoon. I got two new tires on our Blue Corolla. One of the old tires had 2 bulges in the sidewall. I think the potholes of the Dominican roads finally got to it. Elder Huey came with me and took advantage of the opportunity to buy bulk at a discount. While we were inside he remarked, “This is just like the Costco in Provo”. Elder Huey will be a great asset to the mission office.

When I got back from Price Smart at 4:00pm things were no longer “slow” in the office. The President was in the office doing special interviews, and emergency transfers. The South AP’s (AP’s from “El Campo”) were there. They drove all the way in from Jimani. They had with them Elder Saint-Cyr as well as two of the members from Duvergé; brothers, Alexis & Hector, they are both in the Sunday School Prescy in the Duvergé Branch. They were all being interviewed by President Almonte one at a time. For an hour and a half the office was buzzing.

The South AP’s were in the office to trade pick-up trucks with the office Elders. Two weeks ago the South AP’s were in an accident and their truck is finally repaired and ready to return to service. However the South AP’s will be using the office pick-up and the repaired pick-up will be turned into Centro de Servicio for a brand new pick-up. Yah, a new pick-up for the office Elders and I to drive.

While I was at Price Smart I noticed the plants for sale and couldn’t resist the temptation. I bought a real pretty pink Bromeliad for Hna. Johnson. She loved it.

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