Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Mission president’s FAX machine cartridge is out of ink. So afternoon I went to President Almonte’s house (The Mission Home) to write down the ink cartridge number so I could buy a new one. After ringing the bell, I was let in by the maid. The President’s office door was open and the President was just standing there, motionless, staring at the wall. He stood there staring at the wall for several seconds; he didn’t even know I had come in. In his hand he held several “Placas”. They are plastic plates with a picture and name of a missionary. He held them like a card player holding a “hand” in poker. In front of him on the wall was the mission “Fichero”. It is the picture roster of the whole mission showing all of the zones, areas and companionships. Since “Translados” (Transfers) are only 2 weeks away he was contemplating who to transfer and new assignments. It is a huge job that must be done every 6 weeks and it can only be done by the Mission President. He told me that we works for hours, sometimes days, arranging a possible scenario of changes. Then he prays about them. He leaves the changes on the board over night, sometimes for days. When he feels good about a change or two and the prompting of the spirit confirms it, he leaves the change and starts to work on the rest. Eventually all of the changes are made and he feels good about the whole new transfer board. He works tirelessly at his calling. He truly is an inspired, great mission president.

And speaking of “Translados”, Pres. Almonte did something this week that was out of character. Monday and again today he told some of the Elders where and with whom their new assignment would be in two weeks after “Translados”. On Monday he told Elder Almonte we will be leaving the office and he told his companion, Elder Small, who his new companion would be. Elder Small goes home the end of March so he told Elder Small he only had six weeks to teach his new companion everything he needs to know about the office, IMOS, renting apartments, negotiating contracts, etc. That will be a huge job but Elder Small is up to it.

Today President Almonte also told us who the new office Elder was going to be that will take Elder Staff’s place. In fact he was brought into the office today to start his training by Elder Staff. His name is Elder Huey from Iowa. He and his companion he will be coming into the office 3 to 5 times a week to enter baptismal records into the office computer system. It is pretty routine data entry but very time consuming. The mission has a lot of baptisms every weeks and everyone must be entered by hand before the end of the week.

President and Hna. Almonte were in the office today. The Pres. was doing interviews with all of the office elders. Hna. Almonte was doing her physicals of all the office missionaries. Hna. Johnson and I had our blood pressure taken and we were weighed just like all the rest of the Elders. I’ve lost weight since the last time and so did Hna. Johnson. Yah! However, Hna. Johnson’s blood pressure was a little high, she thinks that is why she hasn’t been sleeping well and has had headaches lately.

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