Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hna. Johnson was especially busy in the office today. She had all of the mission rent to pay, a job that took her hours plus all of the missionary support money to pay, also taking her hours. Add to all of that work, the constant interruptions of a busy office and you can imagine she was very busy. But she got it all done and in time to race home to our apartment to make a large “Apple Crisp” and beautiful floral arrangement for FHE and dinner at the Almonte’s.

Tonight there was no FHE at the Casa with the other Seniors, everyone is on their own on the 5th Monday of the month. Instead we were all invited over to Pres. & Hna. Almonte’s home for dinner and a special Christmas FHE. The Almonte’s have had this dinner planned since last summer because it is the going away dinner for Elder & Hna. Jones, the Area Exec. Sec. & Asst. Sec. they are ending their mission in only 3 weeks.

Also invited were the Pres. Guillermo Antivilo and his wife Mary. He is the mission president of the Santo Domingo East Mission. Next were Elder Daniel and Hna. Rebecca Mehr, Area Public relationa missionaries and the parents of Hna. Mehr. Next invited was CCM Pres. Thomas and Hna. Susan Hendricks. Next were two Senior couples that work in the Area but they are assigned under Pres. Almonte in the West Mission; Elder Reed & Hna. Sherrie Finlayson, Area CES missionaries and Elder DeLoy and Lorna Roberts, Area Perpetual Education Fund Missionaries. And finally Santo Domingo Temple Pres. and Matron, Larry & Joanne Bair.

The food was wonderful. We all brought side dishes to share and the Almonte’s provided the main course of Ribs and Lobster. It is times like this that makes me wish I didn’t have to watch how much I eat.

It was a wonderful evening of good food, good music and great company. The FHE program of a narration of Luke 2 accompanied Christmas hymns sung by the whole group. There were also solos by Hna. Mehr interspersed among the songs. She sang with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for 8 years. She is wonderful to listen to as she brings her songs to life and fills our souls with the spirit of the season... Wow!

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