Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another full and busy day. Elder Akana (one of the AP’s) has been recovering from a very bad case of the flu. He and his companion weren’t able to drive out to Azua for a Multi-Zone Conference with the supplies and mail. As soon as I heard I dropped my usual tasks in the office, loaded the car and headed out to the conference before it was over.

I had a car load of mail for the Elders in the Zones of Azua and Barahona.

Back in the office Hna. Johnson got the help of Elder Anderson to assemble the mission office Christmas tree. It’s going to be covered with individual pictures of all of the Elders & Hermanas.

When I got back to the office Elder Akana was feeling better so he and his companion, Elder Rodriguez, decided to do the monthly vehicle report on the Toyota “Hilux” pickup they drive. Neither one has ever filled out the form before so I got to teach them how to complete the inspection and go through the checklist.

Since this was the AP’s first time and I did a lot of training it took us almost an hour. In the future they should be able to fill out the forms and go through the checklist in about 15 minutes.

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