Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

It was a busy morning. To start with, Hna. Johnson put the finishing touches on the Christmas tree in the Mission Office. She’s been working on the ornaments for a week. The tree is covered with 190 individual framed pictures of every missionary we have in the Santo Domingo West Mission. It looks great. As missionaries come into the office waiting area they immediately go over to the tree and look for their picture and then their companion’s. The tree is a great conversation piece.

Next I was off to Delta with the AP’s. Delta is the Toyota dealership where we get out mission vehicles serviced. Since I’m over the mission vehicle fleet, I get to train and retrain each new set of office Elders, including AP’s, on their duties and how to maintain their vehicles.

Next I went to the Mission Home where Pres. Almonte was conducting Zone interviews all morning. This was another one of those rare moments in our mission when the spirit of missionary work is so thick you can cut it with a knife. It is always a special treat for me to meet with and be around the hard working missionaries in our mission.

I only got to be with the Elders of the Azua Zone for about 30 minutes this morning. I took some pictures, gave them their mail, collected their outgoing mail and “Reembolsos”, etc. I really enjoy their spirits and their enthusiasm for the work. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Hna. Johnson and I have the best mission call in the church.

After their interviews with President Almonte the Azua Zone will have Christmas Dinner prepared by Hna. Almonte. She has two maids that help her on occasions like this but she does all of the cooking herself. She really does need the help from the maids. Over the next few weeks she will feed every missionary in our mission a Christmas dinner. It is a huge job; there are 190 hungry missionaries in our mission right now.

This afternoon we discovered that Elder Fernando Batista has been very sick for the past week or so. He and his companion, Elder Samuel Farra, are serving in our old Branch out in Neyba. They will be staying with the Elders in the office for several days while he has some tests done to find out if he has amoebas, parasites or Dengue Fever. Any of the above maladies are really bad news.

Our Prayers are with Elder Batista to recover quickly so he can get back to work in Neyba.

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