Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

Today I finally finished a project for Hna. Almonte. She asked me to make a book small enough to fit in her purse to write notes in. Each page in the book has a missionary’s name and photograph. Hna. Almonte is the “Nurse” of the mission and she needed a place to note all of the illnesses of every missionary and their treatments. The book has over 200 pages, one page for each of our missionaries. It has taken me about a month to finish, working in my spare time.

This evening’s lesson in FHE for the Seniors was given by Elder and Hna. Roberts. They are the Caribbean PEF Missionaries. Since their arrival in the DR, a year ago July, they have been assigned by Pres. Almonte to attend the Branch in Nizao. They also serve 2 days a week in the Santo Domingo Temple. The Roberts have grown very close to all of the members in the Branch and have personally contributed to the conversion of many converts. Tonight’s FHE lesson was a slide show presentation of all of the converts they’ve helped teach/baptize in Nizao, the Mission Call Center and on campus at the University. Elder Roberts told the story of each of their conversions. They also told the story of 3 of them receiving their mission calls to Guatemala, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Tonight’s FHE by the Roberts was made even more special because in attendance were all of their friends & converts they talked about in their lesson. It was a great FHE.

After FHE Hna. Johnson gave Hna. Hendricks the latest of several silk arrangements she has made for the “CCM” ( Santo Domingo MTC). Hna. Hendricks is the wife of the CCM Mission President.

Pres. and Hna. Hendricks’ call as CCM President is for two years. They will go home to Bakersfield, CA in January. Today we heard that their replacement has just been called. It is Stewart E. Glazier and wife Sandra Glazier of Sandy, UT. Pres. Glazier served with his wife as president of the Chile Santiago North Mission and they were Perpetual Education Fund missionaries. Pres. Glazier was born in Mesa, Arizona!

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