Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This morning at 6:00am we received an emergency phone call. The AP’s needed Hna. Reyes passport from the office safe. They were at Dr. Kilgore’s office at the “Casa” with Hna. Reyes. They were on their way to the airport to take Hna. Reyes to Guatemala to have her brain surgery. We are remembering her in our prayers.

All of the passports for all of the non-Dominican missionaries are kept in the mission office safe. They are too valuable to be allowed out with the Elders and Hermanas. All of the non-Dominican missionaries carry a laminated photo copy of their passport with them all the time.

After leaving Hna. Reyes with Dr. Kilgore, the AP’s spent the rest of the morning at the medical clinic with Elder Kerron Moore & his companion Elder Michael Pratt. The doctor thought he had a heart condition but they’ve determined that it is something to do with the stomach or digestive tract.

Today was another Zone Christmas dinner & interviews at the mission home. This time it was the “Las Caobas” Zone.

While I was at the Mission Home I was able to finish collecting the data for the monthly vehicle report that was due last week. While I was in the back with the mission vehicles, Elder Akana showed me the damage to the AP’s pickup when he was in a little accident. He said there was no other vehicle involved, just a wall. He said the wall didn’t turn on its blinker and jumped right out in front of him so that he couldn’t avoid hitting it. Ha Ha… yes it was funny.

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