Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Another busy day in the Santo Domingo West Mission. This time the Barahona Zone was at the Mission Home for interviews and Christmas dinner. Their trip in the “The South” was too far and would take too much time for them to get to attend a Temple session like some of the Zones did.

As usual all of the Elders were delighted to get their mail when we were there. We did our usual collecting of “Reembolos” as well as collecting their outgoing mail.

We had a wonderful lunch at noon with Pres. and Hna. Hendricks of the “CCM” (Santo Domingo MTC). They invited Hna. Johnson and I out to lunch to thank Hna. Johnson for all of the beautiful silk flower arrangements she has done for them over the past several months. The Hendricks will be returning home about the same time we get released; in the middle of January.

We went to Chef Pepper’s and ate some really big and delicious hamburgers. When we left the restaurant we were both stuffed. The food was really good and we enjoyed the company and conversation with the Hendricks.

This afternoon Elder Thorup and his companion, Elder Anderson, were imputing baptism “Registros” into the mission office computer. He commented that last week was a great week for baptism by a couple of companionships. First, Zone Leaders Elder Thomas Stirland and Elder Ramon Martinez had 7 baptism in the Los Alcarrizos First Ward. But the biggest winners were Elder Jaime Rodriguez and Elder Kendall Clyde. They had 14 baptisms in the Pedro Brand 2nd Ward. Wow, that’s a lot of baptism in one week.

Sometimes in the hectic pace of the Mission Office I tend to focus too much on the problems, illnesses or the mundane routine things. I tend to forget why we are here. These two companionships of Elders bring back into focus our purpose and why we are here in the Dominican Republic. The work of the Lord is pressing forward at a fast pace. The Elders and Sister Missionaries in this mission are doing a great job as messengers of the restored gospel. It is a privilege for Hna. Johnson and I to get to work with these fine young men and women.

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