Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010 (Elder Johnson’s Birthday!)

I had a very nice birthday today. To start with Hna. Johnson asked me what I wanted for my birthday so she backed me a huge apple cobbler, my favorite. We took it and a tub of vanilla ice cream with us to the office and shared it with the office Elders. Mmmm Goood!

I was rather surprised to receive birthday wishes on the internet. I got a couple dozen “Happy Birthday” messages on “Facebook”. They are all dear friends of mine and since my profile gives my birthday they were all thoughtful enough and took the time to write me a message. One of the messages I was very surprised to get, it was from Derek Andrews. He was one of my Boy Scouts from the old Alma 5th Ward over fifteen years ago. I’m delighted that he’s found me on Facebook.

I surprised to get two long distance phone calls from my family. The first one was from my oldest son Jared and his three sons; Kyle, Ethan and Tyler. They were all out at the bus stop in the morning waiting to be picked up for school when Jared decided to call and wish me happy birthday. As I answered the phone I could hear singing. It took a moment for me to figure out that it was my grandsons singing “Happy Birthday to You” into the phone. It was fun talking to Jared and all of the boys.

The next long distance call was from my sister, Janiece. She and her family, Wylene and Wanette, Jay & his wife Kristin, were having lunch at the Geoko Grill in Gilbert when their discussion turned to Hna. Johnson and I. That’s when Janiece said, “I’ve got their number, let’s call and wish David happy birthday”. We talked for almost a half hour as the cell phone was passed from person to person. It was a really nice birthday call.

I guess birthdays are all about food and good friends. I had apple cobbler and ice cream for breakfast with the Elders for breakfast. I had apple pie and ice cream with my sweetheart for lunch. And then for dinner Pres. and Hna. Almonte invited us out to eat at the Dominican Fiesta buffet. The whole day was Good food, good friends and a great birthday.

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