Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010 (Mini-Hump Day)

Today is our “Mini-Hump Day”. It is hard to believe but Hna. Johnson and I only have two months of our mission left!

This morning for our P-day activity we went to the “Casa” and picked up Hna. Cioban at 7:30 and headed to Juan Dolio Beach again. Hna. Cioban is one of the single sisters missionaries assigned to work at the Temple. At the beach we met up with the Jones and the Whitakers a little later.

The water was calm and low tide made hunting sea shells easy as I snorkeled. Today there were lots of seashells to be found only a few feet off shore in waist deep water. We found lots of shells. We had a lot of fun at the beach today.

This afternoon we went back to town to fill orders for Elders for Larimar jewelry, Conde Bags, etc. One stop was at “Plaza Central Mall” on the corner of Blvd. Vente Siete and Ave. Winston Churchhill. There is a jeweler there that repairs jewelry and Elder Huey’s “RWH” (Return with Honor) ring needed to be fixed. The band was broken. To have the ring soldered back together with pure Sterling Silver only cost $200.00DRPesos ($5.40USD) a real bargain.

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