Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Since today is our P-day we were on the go, go, go all day. We started at the “Conde” in the Colonial Zone. The “Conde” is the oldest street in Santo Domingo, it’s were all of the tourist go shopping for souvenirs. We found a lot of gifts to give to our relatives when we return home in January. We also found “Conde” bags for the Elders that have placed orders.

This afternoon we were at the “Casa” (Temple Accommodation Center) with some of the Senior couples. Hna. Johnson offered to teach them how to make a Thanksgiving centerpiece.

In addition to the dozen or so stores we went shopping at, we also had to go shopping for everything Hna. Johnson needs for Thanksgiving dinner. We are going to have the office Elders over for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow after church. We can’t have them over on Thursday because it is a regular work day for all missionaries in the Dominican Republic.

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