Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010 (Not Thanksgiving Day in the DR)

I was on the run, run, run all day. First stop was at the “Aduana” (Customs package pickup) where I picked up 13 packages for our Elders and Hermanas; same as last week. It was another very, very busy day at the Aduana. The place was packed. The Christmas package season is definitely in full swing at the Aduana.

The San Juan Zone was in the Capital today for their interviews with the President and Christmas dinner. Once again I was at the mission home for over an hour delivering the mail, picking up mail, taking “Reembolos” and filling orders for mission supplies, etc. I was really on the go, go, go!

Last week Hna. Johnson and I were at the INKA store and bought twice as many “Conde Bags” as we thought we needed. But today the last 2 bags sold to Elders and I took orders for more. It looks like we will be going back to the INKA store this Saturday.

This afternoon we were at the “Temple Tienda” (Distribution Center) filling orders for our missionaries. While we were there we ran into Elder Leon & Hna. Marilyn Button again. They are the Senior missionaries from San Juan that are here with a large group from Puerto Rico.

While at the “Casa” / “CCM we delivered a package to one of our Elders that will join us the next “Traslado; Elder Trevor Schaffer. He was out in the parking lot playing basketball with all of the other Elders and Hna.’s during the missionary’s exercise hour.

We also got our hair cut while we were at the “Casa”. We ended our busy day doing an endowment session in the Santo Domingo Temple. It was a fitting end to a great Thanksgiving Day of missionary work in the Santo Domingo West Mission.

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