Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

Our first full day with our sons and their wives started at the mission home. We wanted to introduce our family to the Elders in the office. We were very lucky to catch them all before they had to leave for their day’s work.

Next we headed for the Santo Domingo Temple. We took the coast road called the Malecon; it is the scenic route and it is also the fastest way to get to the temple from the Mission Office. We stopped at a couple of places to take pictures of the Malecon coast line here in Santo Domingo. The surf was very high and the blow holes were working very well.

Unfortunately the temple is closed for winter cleaning but we still wanted to give our family a tour of the grounds. We also needed to stop in at the CCM to deliver mail and pick up important papers and documents in preparation for next week’s “Traslado” (Transfer). Hna. Johnson and I won’t be involved with the Traslado for the first time in a year and a half. We will miss it.

Back at the apt we ate lunch before leaving for the “South” and Barahona. We had a stop at the halfway point, Azua, to meet with the Zone Leaders there, Elder Ortiz and Elder Suero. They were looking forward to getting their new “Agendas” for the Elders in the Zone. The “Agenda” is the missionaries daily planner. They are good for one Traslado, six weeks.

Our drive to Barahona took us through some very familiar country side that Hna. Johnson and I have seen a hundred times before. The fun part of our trip is explaining to our sons all of the things we’ve seen and done for the past 18 months. There is so much we’ve seen and done that the travel conversation never gets boring.

We made it to the beautiful Casa Bonita Hotel early enough to have time for a swim in the pool. It is so relaxing, peaceful and quiet here. Our sons and their wives really enjoy the atmosphere. We all had dinner together in the hotel’s outdoor dining room. The food was classic Dominican fare and the views of the coast line from the hotel are wonderful.

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