Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Well, Christmas must be over. Elder Huey and I went to the Aduana this morning and there were only 6 packages for us to pick up. The bad news is that the package for Elder Huey still hasn’t arrived. He said it was mailed back in November. This is very unusual, most packages get here within 3 weeks, sometimes a little longer.

This afternoon Hna. Johnson and I got our hair cut (Another “for the last time”) by Hna. Carman Frucal at the “Casa de Huespedes” (Temple Accommodation Center). We’ve enjoyed our association with Carman, she has done a great job of cutting our hair for the past year and a half. She is employed by the church and works at the “CCM” (Santo Domingo MTC) and the “Casa”. She is also a temple worker, she’s a very nice lady.

While we were there we delivered mail to the CCM again. Those Elders are always happy to get mail. We had one package and several letters for about half a dozen Elders. It’s interesting that when we get up to the fourth floor where the missionaries are the very first Elders we bump into have mail coming to them. They are always eager to pose for pictures.

After our hair cut we went next door to the Temple and did an endowment session. The Santo Domingo Temple and grounds are simply beautiful. The Celestial room is one of the most beautiful in the whole church.

Since we’ve been in the DR this is the lightest attendance in an endowment session we’ve seen. Hna. Johnson and I were the only couple in the 5:45 session. Naturally we were asked to be the witness couple. There were two brethren in the session and no sisters. This is quite a contrast to the Mesa, AZ temple where patrons are in line to attend a session and get bumped to the next session or later. The new Temples announced for Gilbert and Phoenix will go a long way to lighten the load in the Mesa Temple. We are really looking forward to their completion.

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