Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday, January 29, 2011
Today Nathan asked me to help with deliveries at the flower shop. With some of my spare time I wrote an e-mail to President and Hna. Almonte. Since we don’t have the internet in our home yet I haven’t had a chance to write the Almonte’s since we returned home. My letter to the Almonte’s included all of our new contact information, both of our cell phone numbers and our new home phone number.

Tonight Hna. Johnson and I were working late, 9:00pm, preparing our mission report talks for tomorrow morning. Hna. Johnson was unable to formulate the words she wanted to say in her talk. She is always prepared with talks and writes her talks out in advance but tonight she couldn’t. In frustration and despair she laid her head on the table and prayed for guidance. During her prayer my cell phone rang…. It was the answer to her prayer!

The phone call was from Hna. Almonte in the Dominican Republic. She and Pres. Almonte had just read my e-mail and decided to give us a phone call. I turned on the speaker phone so Hna. Johnson could listen to everything that was said. Hna. Johnson was so happy, excited and uplifted about the phone call. She said later it calmed her nerves, the call was just what she needed to prepare her talk.

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