Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday, January 7, 2011

Elder Huey and I did the usual Friday “Diligencias” (Errands) today. We went to Centro de Servicio first to deliver and pickup mail. We also picked up supplies from Benjamin Lopez at the “Almoncen” (Warehouse). At the financial offices for the Area Elder Huey talked to the Hno. Fidel Filpo about several problems we have with the mission credit cards. He and Elder Huey resolved all of our problems in one visit.

Next we were off to pick up checks at Citi Bank and pay bills. This was the first time all of the documents were in Elder Huey’s name and he did all of the transactions himself. From now on Elder Huey can do everything that needs to be done for the mission. On January 14th, the day after my release, Pres. Almonte will go on line into the mission organization, remove my name in the list of mission officers and put Elder Huey in as the “Mission Executive Secretary”. This is quite an honor and huge responsibility for a young missionary but Elder Huey is ready & capable in every respect. He’s a great missionary and will do an excellent job.

The last time an Elder in the mission was given the title of “Mission Executive Secretary” was in the summer of 2009 when Elder Justin Bates was responsible for the transition until Hna. Johnson and I arrived in the Dominican Republic. Elder Bates was the Mission Executive Secretary for two months. This time Elder Huey will hold the title for about a month.

This afternoon in the Mission Office we continued to work on all of the loose ends for our departure. Elder Barquero burned 8 DVD’s of my pictures for Elders in the office and out in the field that have requested copies. I completed one more hurdle toward finishing the Mission History for 2010. I’ve been working on it for the past month and a half in my spare time. However I don’t have much time left, I have to have it completed by next week before Hna. Johnson and I are released.

This afternoon Hna. Johnson and I had an appointment to talk to the “Dueña” (Landlord) of our apartment. She is completely amenable to hold the apartment for Elder & Hna. Ford even though it will be vacant for a month. This is really good news. I Webcam’d Elder Ford and we had a nice long talk about the apartment, the utilities, furnishings, etc. Hna. Ford wasn’t home at the time but Elder Ford really likes the idea. He and Hna. Ford are really looking forward to coming to the DR.

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