Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011

Today’s big activity was to a place called “27 Charcos” (27 Waterfalls). We went there last July with our other son Jared & his wife and we were anxious to bring Jacob, Nathan and their wives there too.

27 Waterfalls is a national treasure of the Dominican Republic. It was worth every cent of the $25.00USD fee and tips per person to go there. Even though there are 27 falls we only did 12 this time and that was plenty.

We did the falls differently this time. We hiked a jungle trail for about 45 minutes to the 12th falls and then slid or jumped our way back to the first one. Last time we were here we climbed hand over hand and struggled our way up stream against the current before turning around to slide or jumped our way back down to the start. It worked out great for us.

After “27 Waterfalls” we spent the afternoon on the beach at the Barcelo Resort. Nathan, Valerie and I went snorkeling out on the reef. The water started out very clear and we saw a lot of tropical fish swimming around the reef. Later the wind picked up and was a problem, the waves were high and the water turned murky. But it was fun while it lasted.

At the Barcelo Resort all of our meals are included in the price of our room. They have a very large buffet cafeteria were we like to eat all of our meals. But tonight we made reservations at one of the resort’s other large Restaurants. These are different because they are not buffet style, we can order off of their menu and we are served at our table.

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