Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

This morning we attended a special conference for the whole Caribbean Area. It was presided over by Pres. Uchtdorf and both he and Elder Dallin H. Oaks spoke. The conference was broadcast live from SLC to all of the Stake Centers and District chapels in all of the Caribbean. Our sons, their wives and Hna. Johnson & I attended at the Piantini Stake Center here in Santo Domingo because they have facilities set up to hear the broadcast in English.

We experienced one of those “Tender Mercies” on our way to the Piantini chapel. I have only driven there twice before and wasn’t sure how to get there. But on the way we notice another Honda Odyssey Minivan exactly like ours with a family all dressed for church. Hna. Johnson said, they look like they are going to church too, let’s just follow them. She was right; it was a family of a church employee that works in “Centro de Servicio” and they led us right to the chapel.

The Area Conference was very good. Elder Oaks minced no words about what it means to live the “Gospel Culture”. He explained the duties and responsibilities of the members in the Caribbean attend their meetings, fulfill their callings, be good parents, pay their tithing, wear modest clothing and live chaste lives. It was a very good talk, something every member of the church needs to know and do, not just in the Caribbean but all over the world.

After the meeting was over we discovered a whole group of missionaries outside the building. We hadn’t seen them before because they attended the session in the chapel where the broadcast was in Spanish.

After the Area Conference we were off on our 3 hour drive to Puerta Plata on the northern coast of the island. We had reservations at the same resort we went to in July when our other son Jared and his wife came down to visit us.

We got registered, moved in, unpacked and were off to the all you can eat buffet, one of the 5 restaurants they have at the Barcelo. It was real good food. We all ate too much.

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