Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011

We had a busy day of travel, visits and adventure. We started off with the adventure. The Hotel Casa Bonita installed a “Zip Line” three months ago. They call it the “Canopy” and there are 10 platforms with a cable strung between each one. The start at the top of the mountain and work their way to the bottom. It was a thrill and a lot of fun. All of us feel like it will be one of the high lights of the trip.

After we checked out of Casa Bonita we were on the road to Enriquillo. We made several stops at overlooks just to take in the breathtaking views. The Caribbean Sea is beautiful; the shades of blue are striking. I don’t think the pictures will do it justice because the views in real life are so beautiful and striking.

Back in Barahona we stopped for lunch at the restaurant in the “Costa Larimar” hotel. We had a great meal of purely Dominican fare. It was all delicious and we were very glad we stopped.

Our next stop was in Duvergé to meet up with the missionaries and members. We had mail and supplies to deliver for the Elders and the Branch.

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Our next stop was in Neyba at the home of “Pachico”, Hno. Francisco Vasquez. He was the Branch Pres. before I was called to be the Br. Pres. Last year. He is currently the Br. Mission Leader. We had lots of supplies for the branch as well as mail for the Elders. We said our farewells to Hno. & Hna. Vasquez. My guess is this will be the last time we see Pachico and his wife in this life.

Our final stop was in Vicente Noble were we met up with the “South Ayudantes”, Elder Almonte and Elder Mesidor. Of course Hna. Johnson had a treat for them; we bought brownies at the Bravo grocery store before we left the capital. We will miss both of these good Elders when we leave. They both a very soft spots in our heart.

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