Monday, June 21, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

This morning first thing I was off to Centro de Servicios, Citi Bank and Print City. There were lots of errands to run and they all had to be in the right order. I couldn’t pick up the missions large printing order at Print City until I picked up their check at Citi Bank. I couldn’t pick up the check at Citi Bank until they were done printing at 10:30. The only place I could go at 9:00am was to Centro de Servicios because they were the only thing open that early.

“PME” or “Predicar Mi Evangelio” (Preach My Gospel) is the manual every missionary uses to teach investigators. I remember receiving one back in my home ward in Mesa when they came out years ago. Our mission prints a pocket size version for each of the new arrivals every tranlado. This morning I was at Print City picking up a large printing run, 50 copies, of the “PME” manuals. The Elders carry this pocket version in their back packs everywhere they go so they can always pull it out and study any time they have a spare minute. The pocket size or “Pequeño” in Spanish, is a great recourse for the missionaries.

Hna. Johnson and I are working constantly preparing for “Traslados” (Transfers) next Tuesday. It’s hard to believe another traslados is already upon us. I’m always hurrying to finish my projects at the last minute. But Hna. Johnson is much more organized than I am, she starts a month early getting every detail ready. When traslados get close, she’s putting the finishing touches on her project while I’m just starting some of mine.

This afternoon at 3:15 we headed to the “Casa de Huespedes” and the “Temple Tienda”. I had lots of supplies to purchase for all of the missionaries. Next Hna. Johnson and I got our hair cut by Hna. Carmen Furcal again. This schedule of getting our haircut on the Friday before traslados has turned into a routine for us. It works very nicely into our schedule.

While at the “Casa” I also met with Hno. Ramirez who is one of the managers at the “CCM” (Spanish for MTC or Mission Training Center). Among his other duties he makes sure all of the new missionaries get a “” e-mail address they will use throughout their missions. This traslado there are two Hna. Missionaries that haven’t been about to get their new e-mail accounts set up. These are very necessary because the new arrivals have to be about to e-mail the mission president with their weekly letters and progress reports.

I also discovered that Hno. Ramirez has a side job. He makes “Has Lo Justo” (Choose The Right) rings. I’m considering having one made. The “Tienda del Templo” (Temple Store) stopped carrying the “HLJ” (CTR) rings last year. If anyone wants one here in the DR the ring must be custom made.

This evening we were invited to the Berkley’s home for dinner and games. Kathleen & Jim Berkley are from Brigham City, UT. They are the Senior couple here in the DR doing records preservation. I found their stories of their duties very interesting. Using very sophisticated cameras and computers, they spend their whole day making photo copies of very old Dominican birth, death and marriage records.

We arrived at the Berkley’s apartment as soon as we were done at the “Casa”, about 5:30pm. We went out to dinner at a great little Chinese restaurant near the East Mission Office.

I love Chinese food and it seems the Dominicans do too. There are Chinese restaurants and “Pica Pollo” (Chinese Fast food) places on every corner here in the DR. I read an article that said that many years ago Dominicans took a liking to Chinese food. Mom & Pop corner restaurants or “Pico Pollo” restaurants sprang up everywhere that were owned and operated by Chinese immigrants. Today these “Pico Pollo” restaurants are still run by the second and third generation of Chinese. I find it very interesting to listen to a Chinese person speaking perfect “Dominican Spanish” to their customers but then they turn and speak Chinese to the kitchen staff. It’s great.

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