Monday, June 21, 2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010

We got home late last night and discovered that the power went off in our neighborhood at about 11:00pm. We set up fans in our bedroom to try and keep cool. It was very hard to sleep in the heat compounded by a very load party going on outside of our apartment window. This is the second weekend in a row with very, VERY load Dominican Rap music blaring through our window.

The power did finally come back on so we slept in this morning. We got a late start cleaning our apartment. We didn’t clean it last week so the project was a must for today. Last week I discovered dust mop heads for sale at Price Smart. They had no handles just the washable mop heads. I kept an eye out all week for a dust mop handle but evidently Dominican’s don’t dust mop, they sweep. I was just glad to find the dust mop heads at Price Smart. After I rigged a makeshift dust mop handle My apartment cleaning chores became instantly easier. Especially since a dust mop cleans a floor much better than a broom, the whole apartment is cleaner than I’ve ever gotten it before.

After lunch we did our usual grocery shopping. But we also stopped at a nursery to do some plant buying to decorate our apartment a little. We’ve driven by a small neighborhood nursery several times in the past but this is the first time we’ve actually stopped in to take a look. Hna. Johnson was delighted with the huge selection of plants they had for sale. She picked out some really nice house ones for our apartment. She has some great decorating ideas.

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