Friday, June 11, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

One of my duties in the mission office is to oversee all of the mission vehicles. Today I worked on the monthly vehicle reports. The mission has 7 vehicles. A report has to be written up on each one at the end of the month and turned in to the Area Fleet Coordinator, Hno. Angel Cordero by the 10th of the following month. I have to get on the ball, they are due this Thursday.

Among other things the vehicle report contains a log of every fuel purchase made for the car for the month, the miles driven between fill ups, the price of the fuel, and the miles per gallon calculated. The report also contains every cent spent on maintenance and repair. Once I’ve gathered a record of every cent spent of the vehicle in the fleet, I have to calculate the average cost per vehicle, as well as the average cost per mile. The report asks me if the car is clean, vacuumed, and if the glove box is neat and clean. I even have to make sure each glove box contains all of the required item, the list is very specific. The report also contains a report of the oil level and even what the air pressure is in each tire. I have to do a visual examination of the exterior and mark on a diagram every scratch and ding in the exterior of the car. I really look forward to doing the monthly vehicle report!

I learned today that Pres. Almonte is closing the Azua office this week. This afternoon I was at the Mission Home gathering the data for the reports on the three mission home vehicles. The Capital AP’s were there too. They had just returned from the South where Pres. Almonte has been holding interviews with all of the missionaries in Azua. In their pickup truck they had a lot of the furniture and furnishings from the Azua office. The day after tomorrow all of the keys to the rented office will be turned in to the Landlord.

Hna. Johnson and I have fond memories of the Azua Office. For about 8 months we spent Saturday and Sunday night there every weekend. We could set our watches by the power going off twice a day and coming back on 4 hours later. Almost every evening the power went off at 5:00pm and again in the early morning at 2:00am. For 8 months we never had a hot shower there. We always had to get up and shower every Sunday morning at 6:00am. Even though the Caribbean climate is hot and humid, at 6:00am the water out of the show was very cold. We never did get used to those cold showers.

It’s no longer economical for the mission to continue to rent the Azua office. There was a time that the AP’s in the South lived there. Then we used it on weekends and President Almonte spent his nights there when he traveled to the south for conferences and interviews. But now it isn’t being used at all so Pres. Almonte is closing the office.

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