Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010 (Father’s Day)

I taught the Elder’s Quorum lesson this morning in the Los Arroyos Branch. The subject was on the life of Christ. A note to the instructor at the beginning of the lesson said there was too much material to cover in one class; the manual was right. The life of the Savior would take its own manual and a year or two to teach it. But in spite of that, the manual had the lesson material very well presented. As brief as the overview of the Savior’s life was, the lesson manual still quoted over 40 different scripture passages. Of course we didn’t have time to look up each one but by the end of the class all of the material was covered and the brethren in the class participated and contributed a great deal. The best part was at the end when a few of the brethren and I got to bear our testimonies of the Savior.

Hna. Johnson had a good time in the nursery today. The little children really like her and they run into her arms as soon as they see her coming. She has games, coloring books and simple lessons for them.

She had a much better experience in the nursery today than last week. Last week older children were running loose in the hall and would come in and disrupt the class and try to steal the toys, games, crayons, etc. She caught one of the little boys and he refused to give her back one of the toys. Hna. Johnson said he got mad and spit on her! Nothing like that happened today.

This afternoon and evening we spent almost 3 hours on the webcam with our family. Hna. Johnson got to see and talk to her dad, Jim Burk for Father’s Day as well as her mother Betty Burk. She got a bonus too, her brother Gary Burk was at the house to visit so she got to talk & see him too. We all had a very nice visit, we talked for an hour!

We also received several phone/Webcam calls from several of our sons wishing me a Happy Father’s Day. It is always great to spend our Sunday afternoons and evening talking to and seeing our family on the Webcam.

A month or so ago Hna. Johnson discovered an electronic greeting card service. It is called Blue Mountain eCards. They have all sorts of eCards to choose from, all with animation, music and everything. For a nominal fee they will deliver her greeting card to anyone she wants on the day she wants with her personalized message. It’s a great service and she loves it. For example, weeks ago she sent Father’s Day cards to all of the dads in her life to arrive today. We all got them just like she planned!

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