Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

It’s the day before traslados and it’s very busy in the office. Last night Pres. Almonte was doing his regularly scheduled interviews of all of the office Elders. Afterward he was talking to the AP’s about all of the changes that were planned for Tuesday. Then he announces a whole new set of changes. He changed almost everything. The AP’s have been on the office computers since Friday preparing all of the documents for the traslado; things like move schedules, bus schedules, fleet schedules, transfer board, new zone lists, phone lists, etc. Most of it had to be redone from scratch. The AP’s were up until 2:00am working on the various projects and they still had more to do this morning.

Then this afternoon we received another shocker. Hna. Hendrick, wife of the MTC President, called Hna. Johnson this afternoon to touch base on tomorrow’s traslado. Quite by accident we found out that one of our five new missionaries isn’t even at the MTC. It turns out the missionary was a no-show when the whole group arrived 3 weeks ago, but no one bothered to tell SLC or us. This means that tomorrow we will only be getting 4 missionaries instead of 5 and the AP’s have more work ahead of them to fixing all of the traslado documents again. They may never get to sleep again… well not really; this last fix only took them a few minutes change. Even so they are both hard working and dedicated Elders. I’ve never heard them complain once about their duties, the hours they have to put in or anything.

This afternoon the office Elders picked up some oil paintings from an investigator in Haina. We found out from Elder Thorup that a few months ago he and his companion, Elder Gomez, tracted out a painter. They taught him and his family the lessons but they have still not been baptized. However he offered to paint a picture of Elder Thorup and his companion teaching the gospel. The price was very good, $800.00 DRPesos or about $22.00USD. It turned out so good that several other Elders have commissioned similar works. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hna. Johnson doesn’t send me out there to find him someday soon!

We left for FHE early this evening and it was a good thing too, it rained all the way there and all the way back. The rainy season is definitely upon us now. The satellite Doppler shows a large tropical depression sitting right over the whole island and a second one is covering the rest of the Caribbean Sea.

FHE was very good too. It was taught by Hna. Brenda Parker, wife of the Caribbean Area lawyer. She taught us the importance of doing family history (genealogy) work. She is an expert and a great resource for any of us that wants to learn how to use the new Family Search on line. Family history work is very important, “Redeeming the Dead” is one of the three main purposes of the church. However the other two, “Perfect the Saints” and “Preach the Gospel” are occupying all of our time at the moment, so I’m afraid that “Redeeming the Dead” will have to wait until we get home.

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