Saturday, June 5, 2010

Monday, May 31, 2010

This morning we were off early for the “South” to meet with the South AP’s in Bani. We brought them 10 cases of the Book of Mormon and the mail for the South. Our blue Corolla was really weighted down in back. I bottomed out on several of the “Policía acostada” (speed bumps are called sleeping policemen in the DR) on our way out to Bani. Our drive was beautiful in the early morning. A light rain made everything looks so clean and fresh. When the rain let up the nearby mountains looked beautiful with their low hanging clouds. We really enjoyed our drive out to “The South”.

I use the term “The South” a lot when describing were we are going or where something is. But really “The South” is everything in our mission that is outside of the capital. The region we call “The South” is really due west of the capital. The reason we call it “The South” is because that is what this region of the country is called by everyone in the nation; the news media, politicians, the citizens, everyone calls this region “The South”.

The map above is the map of the “Santo Domingo West Mission” I give every new missionary that arrives in the field. I used the churches official map of our mission and I altered it to give it much more detail. The old map the mission gave to new arrivals was very limited and had almost no detail. (For anyone interested in printing this map of the mission, I’ve left the PPI’s much larger than the other images I upload to the internet so it will reproduce much better.

On our way back to the capital we gave Elder De la Rosa and Elder Jean Louis a ride into Nizao. They are the Bani Zone leaders and Nizao is in their Zone. Nizao isn’t very far from Bani but giving them a ride saved them almost an hour of time waiting for “Guaguas” (Dominican term for Buses) and $100.00 DRPesos each, that’s about $2.80USD, it’s not much but every little bit helps.

Tomorrow isn’t transfer day but two of our Elders are leaving the mission. Both Elder Conway and Elder Barrett have school commitments and must leave three weeks early. Elder Conway has been one of the office Elders for the past 2 “traslados” (Transfers). We’ve known him since we served with him in Neyba over 6 months ago. We are happy for our good friends as they leave tomorrow, having filled honorable missions. These are two of those very good, hardworking Elders that really makes a difference in the lives of the members and investigators alike.

Today Elder Conway’s replacement came to the mission office. He is another Elder we have made friends with, Elder Thorup. He will be Elder Barquero’s new companion and work with us in the office. He arrived in the office at about 4:00pm just as Elder Conway was leaving for his final interview with Pres. Almonte. I told Elder Conway he had 30 seconds to teach Elder Thorup everything he knows about opening houses, closing houses, contract negations and apartment repair and maintenance. He laughed, he thought it was funny too. It’s OK though, Elder Barquero will teach Elder Thorup everything he needs to know.

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