Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010 (Dominican Mother’s Day)

Today at the Los Arroyos Branch, the program, talks and all of the music was centered around Mother’s Day. The Branch President had 4 of the youth give talks as well. They did a very good job. Unfortunately the “Mother of the Branch”, the Relief Society President took a fall this week and broke her thumb. She came to church today with a very big cast on her hand and arm. She was in very good spirits though.

This evening we got to talk to Nathan & Valerie again on the webcam. These webcam visits are the best. At one point one year old Ella, squirmed loose and leaned forward in her mother’s arms and kissed Hna. Johnson’s image on the computer screen; it really made Hna. Johnson’s day. Hna. Johnson exclaimed, “She’s a keeper”. We really love our grandchildren.

This evening we did something we’ve not done before. We entertained ourselves “Goggling” our mission. When we received our mission call in April last year I Googled the mission to see if I could find out anything about the mission, the country, the Mission President, etc. This time when I Googled the mission I expected to find the same things as before but I also expected to find my own “Blog”. I did but in addition to my own Blog I was very surprised to find about 6 blogs hosted by the parents of Elders currently serving in our mission. We really enjoyed reading all about their labors in the mission field, their successes and their trials. Some of the Elders we don’t know very well and by reading their blogs it gave us the feeling that we know them much better now.

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