Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The island has really taken a pounding from the rain. Today the third tropical depression has settled over the DR since last Saturday. It rained most of the day but was interrupted by brief moments of cloudless skies then it would start up again.

Last Sunday when the first tropical depression was over the island the Provence of San Juan was hit very hard with torrential rain. One of the apartments we rent for Elders in the San Juan Zone is close to a creek that overflowed its banks. They had 3 feet of standing water in their apartment. It subsided quickly but a lot of their personal things got wet and all of the Zone’s pamphlets and Book of Mormons were reuined.

Today during my trip to Citi Bank I missed a good photo I wanted. A “Motor” (Motorcycle) from a local “Comado” (Neighborhood Store) drove past me in the pouring rain. The driver had a bag of groceries in his hand he was to deliver. As protection against the rain he wore a trash bag with holes cut for his head and arms. He wore a plastic shopping bag on his head. He wore 4 shopping bags with holes cut in them, 2 on each arm. He wore shopping bags on each of his shoes to keep them dry and he held his feet up in the air as he drove through 8 inches of standing water. The grocery bags were all from different grocery stories. He was very colorful as he drove through the rain. And they were all out in it. I saw no reduction in the number of “Motores” from any normal (dry) day.

Also, on my way to Citi Bank I was about 3 blocks out from the office when I noticed two men walking in the pouring rain without umbrellas. Even from a distance and in spite of the poor visibility I could see they had missionary name tags on. I pulled over and gave them a ride. They were Elder Colby and Elder Fleurime on their way to the office to input baptism records into the mission office computers. They were drenched, really soaked to the bone. They should really get a couple of umbrellas.

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