Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bright and early, 3:30am Elder Conway was off to the airport from his flight home. Elder Barrett’s family is here to pick him up so he will be in the country a while longer. He has lots of friends in the DR that he wants to say goodbye to and there is so much of the country to see that he wasn’t able to see while he was serving. Yesterday evening his family went to the mission home to meet Pres. & Hna. Almonte and have dinner with them.

Picking up our six sons from their missions years ago was one of the best things Hna. Johnson and I have done. The memories and bonds we created are still fresh in our minds. I know Bro. & Sis. Barrett and their family will really enjoy their time here in the DR.

When we got to the mission office this morning we noticed something rather nice that Elder Barrett did. There were packages in the mission mail room going to several of his old companions and friends. Elder Barrett has given away a lot of his old usable items; things like shoes, ties, even food. All of these things will help them a lot. Way to go Elder Barrett; that was a very thoughtful thing to do.

However trading and giving away ties is a very old and cherished tradition in the Santo Domingo West Mission. The back of the tie is signed and then given to another missionary. I’ve seen some ties with the back side completely covered in signatures, some going back to Elders that were here 5 years ago.

This afternoon the office Elders, Elder Thorup and Elder Barquero, went to Price Smart to purchase a lot of food for Elders & Hna’s all over the mission. They phoned me from the checkout to say that our “PC-1” credit card was denied! Fearing they might be over the card’s limit they tried charging only part of the bill but it still failed. I had them call Hno. Fildel Filpo at “Centro de Servicio” for help. Hno. Filpo is in charge of all of the credit cards used by all of the mission in the Caribbean Area. He check into the problem and discovered that both of our mission’s credit cards have been “Frozen” by Salt Lake. He said he would start to work on the problem but it would take days. The Elders at Price Smart had no choice; they had to leave all of the groceries at the checkout and come back to the office empty handed! Hopefully the problem will be resolved soon.

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