Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Today at noon we received a phone call from the Hna. Hendricks, wife of MTC Pres. Tom Hendrick. She has another silk flower assignment for Hna. Johnson. So we were off to the “Centro Floral” silk flower store in downtown Santo Domingo. This was our second time to go shopping here with the Hendricks. (See April 28 and May 4, 2010) This is a great silk flower store; Hna. Johnson loves their selection. It rivals any silk flower store we have in the states.

Before we went to the silk flower store we met the Hendricks at a “Mexican Food” restaurant named “Lupe Mexican Bistro”. Outside of a dozen or so “Taco Bells” here in the capital there are very few Mexican food eateries in the DR. But we were delighted to have lunch with the Hendricks at this one. It’s a keeper! The food was great in spite of the fact that the food in no way resembled Mexican food in the states. In some ways its food was actually more authentic Mexican. Their “Red Mole” was the best I’ve ever had!

We are still super busy in the mission office. Hna. Johnson has a never ending job of paper work, bills, reconciliations, journal entries, apoyos and reembolsos. I was off to the bank, paid bills and made deposits.

This afternoon Hna. Johnson summed it up when she said “Just when you think you have everything under control life gives you a little additional”. Then she said, “Or maybe another teaching moment”.
The AP’s here in the capital came in to tell her that we have 3 missionaries in hospitals/clinics and that we will need a lot of money when they leave tomorrow or the next day. But there’s a problem, yesterday afternoon our two mission credit cards were frozen by Salt Lake. Our petty cash fund is almost all gone already even though it was replenished this morning. We’re not sure how we are going to pay the bills so the missionaries can get out of the hospital. The hospitals require the bills be paid in full before a patient can be discharged. We can apply for a check though IMOS but the earliest we could get it would be next Wednesday, a week from today. It will be fun to see what magic Hna. Johnson can pull out of her hat this time!

Although being admitted into the hospital means the missionary was very ill, all three missionaries are much better now. Elder Arreola has been fighting the same lingering upset intestinal track for months now. The doctors can’t figure out what the problem is but their prescription medications alleviate the symptoms a lot. Hna. Mendez bumped her head last week but didn’t realize she had a very minor concussion. She took herself off of her medication so her dizziness returned. She’s much better now that she’s back on her medication. Elder De la Rosa has had some swelling of the abdomen. The doctors don’t know what’s wrong but they did rule out appendicitis. He is much better now that he’s on antibiotics.

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