Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another day of rain, we love it. Even the Elders don’t seem to mind. Elder Colby warned Elder Thorup about crossing the boulevard “27 de Febrero”, he said the water was half way to his knees. Elder Thorup said, “No problem, I’ve got a pair of ‘water shoes’ I can wear!”

I had a new experience at the “Aduana” (Customs). While I was there the lights went out. The package pick-up area I go to is deep inside a very large building with no windows. It was pitch black inside. All of the staff were using the light from their cell phone displays as flash lights to find their way around, ingenious but not enough light to do their work. I was half way through the check out process when the power went off. They told me I would have to wait until the power came back on to finish the paperwork. I pulled my “Maglite” off of my belt to put some light on the paper work. My flashlight literally lit up the room. But to no avail, the Aduana staff said they still wouldn’t work in the dark. Rather than wait until the power came back on I left for the “Temple Store” to make purchases and returned in an hour. The lights were back on by then and I could finish my checkout at the Aduana.

This morning Pres. Almonte had interviews with two returning missionaries. They have finished their two years of service in the Santiago Mission here in the D.R. One is returning to Nizao, in the Bani District and the other is going home to Las Matas in the San Juan district. Since these two towns are in “Mission Districts” they are under Pres. Almonte. He does all of the interviews for departing and returning full time missionaries for all four of the mission districts he is over.

I can’t believe how busy Pres. Almonte is. He has all of the responsibilities of a mission president that oversees 200 missionaries. Plus he has the responsibilities of being the equivalent of a Stake President to four Mission districts! I don’t know how he does it; I don’t know where he finds the time. Being a mission president has got to be one of the hardest (long grueling hours of hard work) jobs in the church. I really admire Pres. Almonte and the selfless hours of service he puts in as Mission President. He is a great man, a spiritual giant.

This evening five senior couple had dinner with the Almonte’s. In spite of the flooded road to get to the restaurant we had a wonderful evening. President Almonte loves sea food so he picked out the restaurant we went to. Pres. Almonte heard that “Marisco Sully” was a good sea food restaurant; neither the Almonte’s nor any of the other senior couples have eaten there before. We were very pleased we found “Marisco Sully”. All of our dinners were wonderful and the price was very reasonable. We really enjoyed the meal, the company, and the conversation. We’ve already made plans to do it again next week!

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