Monday, June 21, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First thing this morning I was off to “Caribe Tours”, the largest bus line in the country. The San Juan Zone leader, Elder Hernandez, sent an envelope on the bus for the mission office. Normally the AP’s in the South would bring it in but San Juan is so far away that the AP’s don’t make it out to them every week. All of the missionaries in the Zone had a lot of “Reembolsos” (Reimbursements) to turn in to the office for repayment. The Elders all over the mission have to pay their electric, water and gas bills and they are all reimbursable. But paying large bills like that causes a problem for many of the missionaries. They don’t have enough money to spare for these larger expenses so they really need to get the reimbursement back soon.

Today my other errands included a trip to Citi Bank to pick up several checks. I also paid 4 other mission office bills. It seems like my whole day was spent driving around town in bumper to bumper traffic or waiting in a long line somewhere waiting for my turn to pay a bill.

I did have some fun today. I ordered a new camera on line from Costco to replace the one I ruined when I dunked it in the ocean last Saturday. Jared & Tere will bring it with them when they come to visit us in July.

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