Sunday, May 30, 2010

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tomorrow is Dominican Mother’s day. I suspect Dominican honor their mothers in exactly the same way we do in the US and everyone else in the world. We buy our mothers gifts, we cook them meals or take them to dinner, we have family gatherings, and we buy them flowers, greeting cards and candy/chocolates, etc.

Today during our regular shopping at Price Smart and Jumbo, both stores where packed with last minute Mother’s Day shoppers. We saw appliance after appliance leave the stores; lots of big ones like refrigerators and washing machines. We saw more dads with kids doing the shopping than we’ve seen all year.

For the second week in a row the “Aduana” (Customs Office) was crammed full of packages. They were swamped with packages from out of the country to be picked up. When I asked why there were so many packages they told me the answer in two words, “Mother’s Day”. I asked if the Christmas shipping season was bigger and the Customs agent said no, Mother’s Day is their busiest time of the year at the Customs package pickup office.

This afternoon we went back to “Plaza Central”, the same mall we went to last Saturday. We left Hna. Johnson’s wedding ring at “Capriles Joyero” to get an estimate for a new replacement diamond. Since tomorrow is Dominican Mother’s Day, she got to choose what she wanted. She decided not to replace the diamond but for the same price buy a new ring to go with her wedding band. It’s beautiful and she likes it a lot. The best thing she likes about the new ring is that it doesn’t stick up high and it won’t snag on fabric, etc. Happy Mother’s Day Hna. Johnson.

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