Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another very busy day in the office. But this time we got our work done on time and we didn’t have to work late. Hna. Johnson got all of the rent payments done in IMOS which is a very big job. And considering all of the problems she has with IMOS, just getting them done is a great accomplishment.

Last night Hna. Whitaker gave me over 120 referral cards from the Book Fair. Today, Elder Rodriguez, one of the office Elders, spent all of his time figuring out which area each referral was in. It was a big job. Some of them didn’t have enough address to figure out so he made a lot of phone calls. Now we’ve got to get the referral cards and the Family History/Genealogy packets out to the respective areas.

These referrals we’ve received from the “Feria del Libro” (Book Fair) are a gold mine! The team of volunteers at the Book Fair were very selective as they talked to the visitors. If the visitor wasn’t genuinely interested in Family History/Genealogy and receiving visitors from the church they weren’t given a card to fill out. It was pointed out to me by the Whitakers that “The Spirit of the Holy Ghost” testifies to an investigator that the gospel is true. But when that testimony is accompanies by the “The Spirit of Elijah” a convert has double the power of the spirit in his life and makes an even better convert.

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