Friday, May 14, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Today was a typical day before “Translados”; the office was buzzing with activity. The “South AP’s” arrived last night and they were busy preparing. In addition to all of the other things they had to do they had their vehicle to wash and their own hair to get cut before “Translados”; everything must look good for the new Elders coming in.

Our old friend, Elder David Almonte, is the new South AP and will be Elder Araya’s companion. We had the privilege of working with Elder Almonte for several months when he was an office Elder. He spent 3 months as the Zone Leader in San Juan so we didn’t get to see him during that time. But now we will be rendezvousing weekly with the South AP’s to deliver mail and supplies so we will see him a lot more often now.

This afternoon three Elders (Elder Eric Garner, Elder Mason Bolton & Elder Michael Muse) arrived by “Guagua” (Bus) from the Neyba Zone. They are here in the capital to pick up their new green companions at the transfer chapel tomorrow morning. They are all very excited and enthusiastic about training a new green Elder. This will be the first time for all three of these Elders to be trainers. It is a great honor and privilege to be selected to be a trainer. President Almonte only uses his very best missionaries to be trainers.

Tonight we didn’t leave the office until almost 7:00pm so it was too late to go to FHE with the other Senior couples at the “Casa de Huespedes”. We really enjoy attending FHE with them but we are always so busy in the office the week of “Translados” we never get to go but we will look forward to going next week.

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