Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Today was just one of those hard days of work in the office. “Translados” (Transfers) are a week from today so there is a lot to do before then. For most of the afternoon we had all 6 office Elders working in the office with us at once. The ruckus and hubbub was very loud, it was amazing anyone could get anything done but we all did.

Elder Conway was on my cell phone talking to Codetel to get our main phone system fixed. He was also busy taking orders from missionaries to purchase supplies at the Temple store. Elder Rodriquez was on his cell phone calling dozens of book fair referrals for better addresses and directions as well as calling the various areas & zones were the referrals would be sent. He had his hands full. His companion, Elder Colby was on one of the computers inputting baptismal “registros” he was pulling off of the fax & E-mail printers. They were flying in from all over the mission. Before the day was over he had over 30 to do. It will take him several more days to finish inputting.

The AP’s were in the office all day too, which is unusual for them. They were on the computers producing “Key Indicator Reports”, projection graphs and Zone & Area reports for President Almonte. Their fingers were flying all over the computer keyboards and when they weren’t typing they had a Zone Leader or District leader on the phone getting reports. They were super busy.

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