Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This morning at 9:00am Hna. Johnson and I were off to the Temple. The Bani Zone was there to attend the 10:00am session. Each time a large group of missionaries attend the Temple their clothes need to be prepared and set out for them. While Hna. Johnson was inside the Temple preparing their clothes, I was at the “Tienda del Templo” (Temple store also known as Distribution Center) filling orders and buying supplies for missionaries all over the mission.

Among other things on my list of thing to buy at the “Tienda del Templo” I bought a lot of garments for Elders. A couple of months ago the price for garments was cut in half and we all thought it was just a short term special. But soon we found out the low price was permanent. Now the problem is the supply. The “Tienda” is out of many sizes and when new stock arrives it is only in small amounts. Each week I go to the “Tienda” I always hope there will be a better inventory to choose from. Many Elders have been waiting months for their orders to be filled.

Back in the office Hna. Johnson was hard at work as usual. Today she received the papers for missionaries that won’t arrive in our mission until October. October seems such a long way off but it’s only four and a half months away. Being as busy as we are; the time is really flying by.

For the last couple of days I’ve been working on my story of our sweet Hna. Mecho that passed away a week ago today. Back in March Hna. Almonte asked me to submit an article to the LIAHONA about her. I wrote the story about her desire to attend the Temple and how after 8 years she finally realized her goal. March 7th I submitted it along with several pictures. Now I’ve updated the piece to include the story of her “Translado” last Tuesday to serve as a missionary in the spirit world. Now I’m working on the translation in Spanish so Hna. Almonte can read it.

Translating is really difficult. Thank goodness for the internet and modern translation programs. But those programs can only do so much and they make a lot of mistakes. It gives me a good starting point but a lot of revision is necessary so the story makes sense in Spanish. I’ve also asked Elder Bates and Elder Conway to help me with the translation. They are both very good at translating; they have great Spanish speaking skills.

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