Thursday, May 6, 2010

Friday, April 30, 2010

After a wonderful breakfast we were off to “Salto Rio Jimenoa” (Jimenoa Falls). It was only an hour drive east of the cabin, on the other side of Jarabacoa. Once at the parking lot it was only about 15 minutes on foot to the falls but even the walk was an adventure. We had to cross multiple suspended foot bridges that bounced and swayed in the wind. They were very exciting. Hna. Johnson said to Hna. Berkley, “It’s a roller coaster; raise your hands over your head.” She had a lot of fun on the foot bridges.

The falls were spectacular even though the water was “Chocolate” brown from all the runoff from the rain they’ve had in the mountains lately. They might have been even more spectacular, fuller and with more water flowing over the brink but the power company has tapped into the river above the falls and uses the water to generate electricity.

After we left the falls I asked some local nursery workers if there were flower greenhouses nearby. They told me that there were two orchid growers only a couple kilometers down the road. So with their name and directions in hand we headed off for another adventure. We found them without any difficulty.

The orchids were simply beautiful. Hna. Johnson was in heaven! Ignacio, the owner, had dozens of varieties and they were all gorgeous. The inevitable question came from Hna. Johnson, “Can we afford one or two?” Well, we bought two and Hna. Jones and Hna. Berkley both bought one each. With our treasures in hand we got back to the cabin at about 2:00pm. It was a fun, eventful, and enjoyable day of outings and discovery.

For dinner we had a BBQ in the President’s outdoor brick oven. It worked perfectly after Elder Berkley made some minor adjustments. Hna. Johnson and I had hamburgers but the rest BBQ’d steak or chicken. It was all very good.

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