Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday services in “Los Arroyos” Branch where very good today. Hna. Johnson didn’t have the hard time with primary children like she’s had in the past. In fact 2 of the primary presidency have very small children that need tending while they teach and do sharing time. Hna. Johnson said she got to watch both little children and loved it. When it was time for them to go home they didn’t what to leave her! Hna. Johnson really has a way with “Grandkids”, regardless of whose grandkids they are.

I didn’t have to teach a lesson in the Elder Quorum so my day was really easy. In Sunday school I did get to direct the opening song and say the closing prayer. Leading the music was a first for me in the Los Arroyos Branch. I’ve had the opportunity to lead the singing in Neyba and Duvergé but only a couple of time.

This evening was a banner day on the webcam. We were 3 for 3 calling our kids and grandkids. All together we spent almost 3 hours with the 3 families that have webcams. First we talked to Nathan, Valerie and their 4 girls. They are all real princesses. Sammy, Lizzy and Rachel even sang to us. Recently they performed at a song festival so they sang all three of their songs to us while we watched on the webcam. Yeah… that was really great.

Next we talked to Tere, Jared and the boys. They are real excited because they have finally prepared all of the paper work to submit their applications for their passports tomorrow. They will be coming down to visit Hna. Johnson and I in the middle of July. We can’t wait. They will be bringing us several items that we’ve requested like an external hard drive for my laptop, a new laptop for Pres. Almonte, key chain oil vials, prescriptions, etc.

Jared & Tere’s personal challenges over the past year have been inspiring to us. They have overcome so much and through it all they’ve grown spiritually and physically. They are an inspiration to us each day. We love them for all they’ve done for us, for all they do for us and for all they are going to do. We love them, just as we do all of our sons and daughter-in-laws, not just because they are our son and daughter-in-law but because of their wonderful example to us, to their children and to everyone that knows them.

Our last call was to Wendy, Jacob and their 4 kids. We had a very nice visit with Wendy and the kids but Jacob was taking a nap so we missed him. Wendy reported on the excellent progress of baby Joshua. She told us that he’s put on a lot of weight since he was born 6 weeks ago. That is a very good sign because infants with Cystic Fibrosis usually don’t gain weight and their growth is often stunted. In fact their doctor told Wendy that he is doing so well they won’t have to bring him back to the doctor’s office for another month. We keep little Joshua in our prayers every day and every week when Hna. Johnson and I go to the Temple we put his name on the Temple prayer roll.

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