Sunday, May 30, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

Today is P-day for the Elders so Elder Keys brought us his “Larimar” collection. He has some beautiful pieces. While he was serving in Barahona he was able to buy the stones very inexpensively. Hna. Johnson and I hope to go back to Barahona and buy some more for ourselves and maybe even take the tour of the mine.

“Larimar” is a very rare gem stone found only in the mountains near Barahona. The mineral deposit was discovered by a Peace Corp worker in 1974. He named the stone for his daughter Larissa and the Spanish word for sea, so the stone is now known as “Larimar”.

The reason for the beautiful blue color of the stone is also the reason it is so rare. Most blue stones like turquoise are blue because they contain copper. Larimar has no copper, its beautiful rich blue color come from the element Cobalt. This rare blue stone is found nowhere else in the world.

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